Friday, September 4, 2009

A letter that brightened my day...

One of the reasons I write this darn thing is for letters like this. It's not the acknowledgment, really, it's that this work somehow makes a difference:
Dear Mr. Rubinstein,

I know that you are very busy so I will keep this as short as possible.

My name is Tui HoChee and I am an actor in Los Angeles. Yesterday afternoon I was at a coffee shop and I picked up a copy of Backstage and flipped through the pages and your article called "Compassion" caught my eye. I read through it and found it connecting to me at a very deep level. Most of our time as actors are spent trying to hustle to get a job and stay prepared and stay in contact with casting directors and making sure that we are at the right spots and we tend to forget the whole reason that we got into acting in the first place. It becomes a rat race, rather than the passion filled artistic adventure that we signed up for. I have been feeling that I have been caught in this rat race as of late and your article made me slow down and think and re-center myself and I wanted to thank you for that. It was very much appreciated.

Have a good one and best of luck to you and yours.


Tui HoChee
How cool is that? Thanks to Tui HoChee for this inspiring letter that makes me want to keep spreadin' the love! Check out his website at If you didn't get to read the original story in Back Stage, check it out here.

And keep going on your own "passion filled artistic adventure."

Jon *

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  1. Amazing! What a lovely letter. Tui HoChee seems a gentleman. I must befriend him...