Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash sing "Jackson" at San Quentin - 1969 - Compassion in Action!

Hey y'all! Have you seen this recently?

It's compassion in action! Here are two amazing performers giving it to these inmates, full-on. I wasn't in their heads when they were up there; in fact, I was still in utero, but there's something totally joyous about this performance, and I have to think that comes from non-judgment, from the ability to see these guys in the audience as human beings.

Oh, and isn't it great that the song is all about what a schmuck Johnny's gonna be when he goes to Jackson, and how June can just look at him with a smile and watch him make a fool of himself? And you know she loves him just the same. The song's full of compassion for him, both from her and to himself. And the song's pretty compassionate to anyone in the audience who's ever thought they were hot shit. Not naming any names, y'all.

Johnny says,
I'm goin' to Jackson
I'm gonna mess around
Yeah, I'm goin' to Jackson
Look out Jackson town
And then June replies,
Well go on down to Jackson
Go ahead and wreck your health
Go play your hand, you big talkin' man
Make a big fool of yourself!
My favorite part is when Johnny says "When I breeze into that city, people gonna stoop and bow" and June lets loose with a big "ha!"

Like I said, all the work that's inspired me the most is rooted in compassion. Johnny and June were compassion in action. I am proud to say I probably saw them perform live at least twenty times, and was never disappointed.

P.S. Check out this old album cover for "Look at them Beans." Amy and I always loved that one. *

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